Have a look at some of the workable strategies for your home or commercial bookshelves

  1. Social media platforms

Books have a memorable and rewarding experience. Therefore, you must go all miles to ensure you have the best titles as part of your collection.

Do you know people like you wondering where to get their next book all over the world?

The best place to find them is on social media. Join Facebook groups with like-minded individuals and share experiences of what others do.

  1. Online sales and tools

The web was the best technology for information lovers. Whether you want to get that dreaded classical music piece or an ebook or applications with the same content, you get it in just a click of a button.


Be on the lookout about annual sales, discounted prices, and book stores disposing of their stock.

You might get a book that you have looked for years. One advantage of the internet is storage capacity.

The cloud storage systems and devices like flash disks, CDs, and DVDs help you store information and access it even in your remote location.

It means there is no excuse for not reading a book or listening to your favorite music. When you talk of Kenny Rodgers, a renowned classical music celebrity, the web has all the collection to show even to your generations.

  1. Befriend booksellers

Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, with book lovers as your friends, you don’t have to own all the books, but you can read all of them.

You only need to get a borrowing strategy. You can make it fun and focus on competition.


  1. Get them anywhere, even while traveling.

There is no day you plan to buy a book unless it’s a new one in the market. Always have a budget for a book such that when out for a trip, the moment you bump on it, you can still purchase it.

Look at “think Big” by Ben Carson. It’s a book passed to generation, and getting a hard copy for your children or grandkids may be an uphill task. What if you go to the remote village and find it on the streets? You have no option but to get it. Did you plan for it? Of course, no.

  1. Focus on books per author

There is no formula for collecting books; it depends on your passion and interest. Fiction readers can devise a method and get the other author.


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