Frequently Asked Questions

Reading allows kids to improve their literacy skills. It exercises the brain, enhances concentration, improves language skills and vocabulary, and improves the creativity of kids. Other benefits include building empathy and teaching kids about their environment, atop being fun.

Reading expands the mind to give you more ideas. It keeps your mind sharp, young and healthy. Studies show that it can reduce stress, improve sleep and prevent cognitive decline in old age.

Reading improves crystallized intelligence, explaining why vocabulary words are included in some IQ tests to reliably indicate your cleverness. Fluid intelligence allows you to understand things, solve problems and identify meaningful patterns.

Reading answers many questions that often fill minds. It also develops questions, making you inquisitive to learn new things. It enriches your vocabulary, which in turn boosts your confidence and subject enrichment.

Reading boosts intelligence. It increases exposure to vocabulary and scores on reading tests, including those testing kids’ intelligence. Early reading can lead to higher intelligence later in adult life.


The mission of Lanier Lib is to give readers easier and more access to all kinds of books they can read from home, at work, in school, or anytime and anywhere.


Print books are costly, especially long-term. Therefore, we ensure that you can access your reading materials without breaking the bank. We target a large base of readers with all kinds of needs to meet the varied tastes and preferences out there.