10 Best Housekeeping Books Every Home Needs

Do you have a friend whose house always seems to be immaculately clean? You probably felt envy and wanted to replicate the immaculateness in your home. If you don’t know where to start, there are some excellent housekeeping books you can read to keep your home looking good at all hours of the day.

We’ve rounded up the best cleaning housekeeping you never knew existed. Read on to find out how to safely clean and prepare mouth-watering meals.

1. The Complete Book of Clean

Toni Hammersley is an American housekeeping expert who has written the best home cleaning book, fittingly titled The Complete Book of Clean. This is a foolproof, eco-friendly guide to cleaning your home. In her new book, Hammersley gets to the bottom of what’s keeping your home from sparkling. She gives tips on cleaning furniture, appliances, and rooms, and DIY-cleaning-product recipes.

2. New Cook Book

The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book has been an American favorite since 1930, selling over 40 million copies. In this book, every recipe, ranging from all-time favorites to modern classics, has been reviewed, revised, and revamped for today’s kitchen. The book also covers both traditional dishes such as Brownies and new favorites like Cold Brew Coffee. Find exactly the recipe you need for any meal or occasion and rest-assured the recipe will work.

3. The Joy of Less

Francine Jay promotes the concept of minimalism in her book, The Joy of Less. In this cleverly-crafted written book, Jay shares her ideas with more readers eager to declutter. Part One offers a well-researched insight into the benefits of decluttering. Part Two will help your family practice routines that prevent clutter, create a productive and calm environment, and live a healthier lifestyle.

4. Wood Heat

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, make the shift to wood. If you decide to heat your home with wood, there are a few tips and tricks to consider. Wood heat is a comprehensive and practical homeowner’s guide to using wood as a reliable heat source. The book points out that fireplaces in many homes are not efficient. It also explains some of the difficulties of dealing with wood. For instance, the book explains why you need to use efficient woodcutting methods, such as a log splitter with a vertical beam lock.

5. Clean My Space

Clean My Space is your perfect guide for all matters housekeeping related, including the best cleaning products. The book is beloved by fans all over the world for its wholly re-engineered approach to cleaning. Melissa’s excellent guide makes cleaning an enjoyable chore and offers unmatched cleaning hacks (the power of pretreating). She details quick cleaning routines, time-saving hacks, and even suggests non-toxic cleaning products. The book is also full of environmentally friendly housekeeping hacks and DIY-style delicious recipes to cheer up your family.

6. The Lost Art of House Cleaning

If you are doing a reasonably sized area, like your counters, you can get the job done using the tips in The Lost Art of House Cleaning. The Lost Art of Cleaning will solve your cleaning woes once and for all. This book will tell you exactly how to clean your whole house deep and what tools to use. The book can also teach you to clean your entire home and everything using a simple methodology and just three inexpensive, readily available products.

7. Deceptively Delicious

It’s a challenge that many parents face: getting the kids to eat their vegetables. The book is practical, easy–to–read, and a godsend for any parent that wants their kids to be healthy for a long time to come. Deceptively Delicious states openly, on the front cover in fact, that its purpose is to get children to eat good food. It has tips and tricks on how to sneak nutritious vegetable and fruit purees into meals children fancy.

8. Smart Housekeeping Around the Year

Smart Housekeeping Around the Year is a simple and straightforward book with tips to make housekeeping easier for you. In this book, Anne L. Watson offers instructions on how to clean, organize, and declutter. Anne Watson writes with knowledge of the human condition and humor. The book examines the issues surrounding clutter and provides tested hacks to reclaiming and maintaining your home.

9. The Flavour Thesaurus

The book lists several delicious themes, such as floral fruity, woodland, cheesy, and meaty. According to this book, you should look at the instructions in a recipe like pre-formed sentences from a phrasebook. The back section lists the ingredients and explains delicious but less popular flavor matches for each. The front section discusses 99 flavors divided into 16 categories and combined into 4851 pairings.

 10. Betty Crocker Cookbook

Representing its most extensive research ever, the latest Betty Crocker Cookbook includes several new recipes. The book has delicious fully-tested recipes, practical cooking methods, and tips from America’s most-experienced chefs. The photos and techniques will help you learn how to prepare some of the newer green produce you have not tried. The first list contains pancakes, waffles, any of the cakes, and meatloaf.

Happy Housekeeping

Maintaining your home in pristine condition has never been as pressing of a priority as it is now. These ten books will give you a great head start.